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Q11057 - HOWTO: Importing Your Payroll Data Into Sage Line 50

Importing Your Payroll Data Into Sage Line 50

Step 1 - Export Payroll Data

Export your Payroll data from CollSoft Payroll. Click Here for more Information

Step 2 - Start Sage Line 50

Open Sage Line 50 and make a backup of your existing accounts data. (Select Back Up from the File menu)

Step 3 - Check Your Data

Print a trial balance report in Sage Line 50 by selecting Financials from the Modules drop down menu and then selecting the Balance button, choosing the appropriate dates.

Step 4 - Importing The Payroll Data

Select the Import option from the File drop down menu in Sage Line 50. This will open the File Import screen.

Select the Audit Trial Transactions option and click run.

You must then select the file you exported from Collsoft Payroll and click on the Open button. The Import will run through and you will be present with a summary of the import as shown below.

Step 5 - Check The Postings

Re-run the Trial Balance report in Sage Lien 50. The difference between this trial balance and the one from step 3 should be accounted for by the summary of transactions reported at the end of the export process in CollSoft Payroll. The individual splits from each wage entry can be seen by double clicking on the relevant entry in your Nominal Accounts in Sage Line 50, or by drilling down in the various reports in Sage Line 50.

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