Importing the 2016 Data

If you used CollSoft Payroll in 2016, you can import your company listing and the employee records directly from 2016 into 2017 to start the 2017 tax year.


1. Open CollSoft Payroll 2017

  • Choose the File menu
  • Select 'Import from CollSoft Payroll 2016 Data file'
  • Select 'From Payroll 2016'

Alternatively access the Import function from the side menu.

2. Select Companies for import

  • CollSoft Payroll 2017 will find the 2016 Data file automatically.

  • The 2016 company listing will display.
  • By default all companies are flagged for import.

  • All the companies can be imported at once or by specific selection.
  • Select 'Un-Select All' to clear the flag and select the companies you wish to import.

Note: The import function can be accessed at any time to import additional companies at a later stage or companies from a database located in a different location.

  • Once you have flagged the companies for import, select 'Import'

3. Import of Tax Credits from CollSoft 2016

Once the Import option is selected you must confirm if you wish to import the 2016 Tax Credits and Cut Off Points from 2016 for each employee.

If you have not received a 2017 tax credit certificate for an Employee, then the Revenue instruction is to continue using their 2016 USC COPs with the 2017 USC rates. If you have imported employees from CollSoft Payroll 2016 along with their 2016 tax details, then CollSoft Payroll 2017 will automatically apply this rule.

Yes - each employee will imprt with their 2016 Revenue Record which is their PAYE Tax Credits and SRCOP AND USC COP into 2017.
No - each employee will import and their Revenue Record for 2017, PAYE Tax Credit and SRCOP AND USC COP will be set to zero.

Once the tax credit import is decided (Yes/No), 2017 will Import each selected company.

4. Complete the Import

The progress of the import will display on screen.

On completion the total number of companies imported will confirm on screen.

All companies imported will now be listed in CollSoft Payroll 2017.

Revenue issued 2017 P2Cs (electronic tax credit certificates) to Employers in December 2016.
It is important that each Employees Revenue details are updated with their 2017 Tax Credit Certificate prior to processing payroll for the 2017 tax year.
Please retrieve your 2017 P2C from your ROS account and import it to CollSoft Payroll 2017 to update each Employees 2017 Revenue details.

Click here to view our Knowledgebase articles for guidance on the P2C:
Creation date: 02/01/2017 23:46     Updated: 02/01/2017 23:46
Starting 2017 tax year
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